Ducal Pine Dressing Table Painted
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No-one Puts Baby in the Corner

This Ducal makeover is one of the first pieces of furniture I ever bought to commercially upcycle. I remember it well. Or rather I remember the roll of the eyes when Mr Smith was asked to come along and help me load it up, along with a big pine sideboard. And the second roll of the eyes when I stopped the van and jumped back out to agree to take a third piece from the same home.

It was early days. I had spent (lost) many hours on various upcycling forums and seen these pieces looking all new and sparkly again. And Ducal pine is solid as a rock – just dated and crying out for a makeover.

“Trust me, people will want them, once they get a new coat”. So back they came and lived in my car port for a while (yes, it’s that long ago). The sideboard came out, painted and sold in record time and had a waiting list of “if you get any more”. The after thought bedroom chest sold before it even went on sale. Meanwhile, this lady was left in the corner. Six months in cold storage.

I don’t know why I wasn’t inspired. Perhaps it was the thought that anything after the piano would just be a bit “meh”. I would go in, take a look around, and just keep looking past her. I know, I am such a bad furniture Mum.

Fast forward to 2019

She is in the studio. I swear I heard her cheer. Calm down, missy, I still have no idea what you are going to become. You need to help me out, here. She just looked back as if to say “I don’t mind, honest”. Don’t you want to scream when someone says that.

Then I had an apparition. A distant memory of a colour card dropping into my mailbox. The new Farrow and Ball colours. I squealed. Yes, I really did that. I remember those nine lovely shades.

And my eye was drawn to one shade in particular. Sulking Room Pink. No 295. Some say it’s like plaster. I say it’s not pink – it’s pinky nude neutral. You call it what you like. But “pinky nude neutrals” are bang on trend for 2019, say Ideal Home. They are warm and calming – yet can be the perfect backdrop to bold too – all in equal measure. And I am loving them.

Now F&B are usually my go to for my walls. I know many who paint furniture with their eggshell, but I am not (yet) one of them. I have my product. Frenchic would just have to step up.

Time for some alchemy

Take one tin of new Lazy range Love Letter and one tin of Funky Dora. Get yourself a couple of measuring spoons and a jar. Now add and mix until you love it!

Ah ha. You thought I was going to tell you in what proportions didn’t you? Well so did I. Until I remembered I forgot to write it down. Again. Oopsie! At least I can say this one is truly bespoke. Never to be repeated – because I can’t.

Rest assured if you have several pieces for me to do though, I will make more than enough – and I promise to write it down. I am off to do my 100 lines now. I must write my paint proportions down. I must write my paint proportions down. I must…

A Ducal Makeover revealed

And so I give to you the finished product. A Ducal makeover – no more honey pine – but coated all over in an Artisan Bothy pinky nude neutral. Then celebrated with a little shimmer of vintage gold here and there. I discarded her old dull brown jewellery tray and gave her a pop of navy felt lining. Just to show how she works with a strong colour.

I also took her trademark Ducal stool to another level too, and quite literally. I completely stripped it back and refilled, then re-covered to comply with the current fire standards for upholstery. Finally, it was set at a new height which is comfortable for us grown ups – not squat.

She has been “setting” long enough now and had her client viewing today. In a weeks time. this Ducal makeover, is off to her forever home. And to a lady who has already started calling her “she” and “her”.

No longer stuck in a corner, this little lady is all grown up. And she is going to have the time of her life in her new forever home.

Cue the music…

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