• Upholstery

    Transform Your Dated Armchair to Modern Day Fabulous

    When my customer came to me with a request to give her ‘marketplace find’ a more modern look, I was on it – like a bonnet – as they say. Armchair upholstery is one of my favourite things. The older (and/or more interesting) the better. This Lincoln House chair dates back to the mid-1990s. When chintz was king! Or queen. We loved it, didn’t we? From three-piece suites to curtains, cushions to bedding, we were nuts about a bit of cotton based block pattern. Chintz actually originated from India in the 16th century. Its history1 is quite fascinating. I guess that’s why we fell in love with it again in…

  • two pictures of a wingback chair one before and one afer with new covers

    Joseph the Technicolour Upcycled Wingback Chair

    It’s no secret I do enjoy a bit of upholstery in between my ‘hard furniture’ projects. So when a message dropped into my inbox asking if I would consider giving her wingback chair a bit of TLC I didn’t have to think twice. Come to Mama… Upholstery is a very complex subject. The fire safety regulations changed often between 1988 and 2010 and it can feel a bit overwhelming. I don’t plan to go into details here, there is plenty online for those wanting to understand more. I would even advise booking yourself a course. But I was pleasantly surprised to discover this chair originated from a well know high…