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    Furniture Deserves Love Too

    Meet Rose – my latest upcycled chest of drawers. I am not going to deny it – our Rose has stole my heart. I know, I name all my furniture, I can’t help it! They all have stories to tell. “Rose” was Found on a Furniture Marketplace Listing She caught my eye, but it took me an age to decide she needed to come to Marie. Super shiny furniture always bothers me. Plastic” varnish is my pet hate. But then we met in person and I knew she was calling out for a new coat. Maybe some new drawers too (ooh er missus). So before I knew it, she was…

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    The Imposter

    Some of you will know I find comfort in upcycling. There is something deeply satisfying about taking a piece of furniture which is destined for landfill and giving it the kiss of life. I confess, I am actually a bit hooked. If I am not at my keyboard you will usually find me with a piece of sandpaper or a brush in my hand or browsing some selling site for another outcast. It all began with a moldy old towel rail. It then progressed to some crusty old garden furniture. Then Mr Smith started to get seriously concerned when he could see me eyeing up furniture around the house – with…

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    A Business Is Born

    2018. The year my working world changed. And an Artisan business was Born. At a Crossroads As I entered this year I already knew I was at a career crossroads. My event styling business of almost 13 years was about to be retired. For good. No going back – the stock was almost sold. The final pieces would come out of the very last venue and literally be handed over to another company to continue in a new life. Job done. I also entered 2018 as a Moray Business Women committee member. President in 2017, committee member two years prior to that. I was tired and felt the need to…