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    I Have Fallen In Love with Painting Pianos

    “Do you paint pianos?”. That was how my first commission came about. I cannot lie – it terrified me. But now, with several more years experience, painting pianos is becoming my new favourite thing. Before you throw your hands up in disbelief, hear me out. You see, I don’t just go ahead, all gung ho and think of the bank account. I still love old furniture in its original form. In fact, my own home sports more original pieces than painted. But brown polished wood just doesn’t cut the mustard in so many modern family homes. The pandemic is thought to have seen an upward trend in folk wanting to…

  • two pictures of a wingback chair one before and one afer with new covers

    Joseph the Technicolour Upcycled Wingback Chair

    It’s no secret I do enjoy a bit of upholstery in between my ‘hard furniture’ projects. So when a message dropped into my inbox asking if I would consider giving her wingback chair a bit of TLC I didn’t have to think twice. Come to Mama… Upholstery is a very complex subject. The fire safety regulations changed often between 1988 and 2010 and it can feel a bit overwhelming. I don’t plan to go into details here, there is plenty online for those wanting to understand more. I would even advise booking yourself a course. But I was pleasantly surprised to discover this chair originated from a well know high…

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    Making Sustainable Furniture Choices

    ‘I want to make good buying choices. Pick forever pieces. Use local suppliers.’ Some days a customer speaks with such poignancy, it stops you in your tracks. I truly believe it to be a thread which runs through my decisions. Be it when choosing a piece for myself. When buying or giving a new home to a ‘free to go or it’s going to the tip’ item. Or when tackling a commission. I apply a kind of ‘I hope they want to love it forever’ philosophy. Yes, I was hearing sustainable furniture – as she described her own buying philosophy. Back in the old days – yes, that old chestnut…

  • A painted welsh dresser
    Furniture Painting

    I Couldn’t Bring Myself To Call Him Donald

    I want to introduce you to Daffy. A rather fabulous painted welsh dresser who might well have saved my mental health as much as (I hope) my wee business.  It’s been a while since I wrote about upcycling furniture. Over a year in fact. So much has happened in that time. Most of which you will already know about – unless you have been hiding in a bunker since March. Covid-19 has impacted our lives more than possibly most of us would ever have thought possible. But I don’t want to dwell on that. I consider myself lucky to have come out of a lean four months with my sanity…