• Bureau Cameo By Sklan
    Furniture Painting

    You had me at “she loves writing”

    “Mum” entrusted this vintage bureau to the Artisan Bothy, to makeover for her little girl. The bureau is a period style piece with a “Cameo by Sklan” mark inside the drawer. Now some of you will know I love a bit of research. It is fab to be able to hand a piece over, with a little more about its provenance. It took some digging but I was able to establish this dates back to around 1960. So almost an antique in the style of an even older antique – if that makes sense. When “Mum” lifted the garage door, I drew breath. This is gorgeous. I actually felt guilty…

  • Painted art deco sideboard
    Furniture Painting

    I Flipped My Lid

    Furniture, which originates from around and about the Art Deco era, seems to be a bit like Marmite just now. You either love it or hate it. Whatever your stance, you will find a lot of it about. Especially sideboards. From big heavy curvy pieces, to the later more compact boxy pieces. And “flipped” they look absolutely amazing! There are some beauties out there, like the magnificent walnut which you just couldn’t put a brush to. But there are a lot of less impressive pieces too. But, regardless what coat we wear, we all need a little love, don’t we. So when a friend pops a picture across of a…

  • Ducal Pine Dressing Table Painted
    Furniture Painting

    No-one Puts Baby in the Corner

    This Ducal makeover is one of the first pieces of furniture I ever bought to commercially upcycle. I remember it well. Or rather I remember the roll of the eyes when Mr Smith was asked to come along and help me load it up, along with a big pine sideboard. And the second roll of the eyes when I stopped the van and jumped back out to agree to take a third piece from the same home. It was early days. I had spent (lost) many hours on various upcycling forums and seen these pieces looking all new and sparkly again. And Ducal pine is solid as a rock –…