• Painted Piano Rods
    Furniture Painting

    Playing To A Different Tune – A Piano Makeover

    Every once in a while a piece of “furniture” comes along which completely changes your way of thinking. In this case it’s a piano. It Began With A Facebook Message “I’ve been admiring many of your pieces of furniture on your page . Just wondered if restoring an upright piano would be something you could do?” I am not going to lie. The message filled me with an immediate thought of “eek”. I mean, there were so many things to consider. Piano transportation is specialist, right? So that’s me and my trusty white van out of the running – if this was going to happen, it would be an “on…

  • Upcycled-chest-drawers-blush
    Furniture Painting

    Furniture Deserves Love Too

    Meet Rose – my latest upcycled chest of drawers. I am not going to deny it – our Rose has stole my heart. I know, I name all my furniture, I can’t help it! They all have stories to tell. “Rose” was Found on a Furniture Marketplace Listing She caught my eye, but it took me an age to decide she needed to come to Marie. Super shiny furniture always bothers me. Plastic” varnish is my pet hate. But then we met in person and I knew she was calling out for a new coat. Maybe some new drawers too (ooh er missus). So before I knew it, she was…